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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Got Skin? Or ... How NOT to Act With Patient Referrals ~Wichita Falls, TX

Regarding a recent FaceBook post where I asked Wichita Falls, Texas locals which Dermatologist they'd recommend …

Let me ADVISE YOU ALL on this in case you “LIVE” here or have friends in this area, or if you or friends OWN a professional service ANYWHERE and wonder about "public impressions." You know, it's not just about "social media" in little mwah tweets and FaceBook posts; sometimes you have to interact with people IN REAL LIFE... who are THERE to see you based on a 25 year existing customer.

On 2 occasions, the "Receptionist Linda," another "Linda," at Dr. Linda Reinhardt's office was REALLY RUDE to Amy. During Amy's first visit of 2 most recent visits, I MET Dr. Reinhardt, who agreed to take me as a patient. I can't stand the front office rudeness, but Amy & her Mom have been patients, so I agreed to call there first. Well, after 4 attempts and "busy signals," sure enough I get "LINDA." SEVERAL people here locally have remarked on just how RUDE she is, and thinks she “runs the office.” I tell her I've met Dr. Reinhardt and have the papers right here with me to fill out & I'll bring them at the time of the appointment (I wasn't about to fill out that crap for nothing). She puts me on hold. During that time (she says) she asked the Doctor, and was told "Well, new patient soonest is September 13th." That's 3 months and a week. I said "No thanks." ... "CLICK." She puts the phone down.

IS THAT WHAT WICHITA FALLS SEES AS PROFESSIONAL? Really? That's why I posted asking the question, and have two other names here in town I'll be calling. Amy has been a patient there 25 (TWENTY FIVE) years ... and when I met the "Good Doctor" she was willing to do my procedures right then & there. FURTHERMORE, Amy had "something troubling" on the bridge of her nose, called on a Monday and GOT IN that same Monday, late morning. But "NOW" it's 3 months plus 1 week after speaking to "Linda" the Receptionist? Wow. That's just SAD. and I'm really PISSED. They jerked around the WRONG Californian. Hell, in Los Angeles you can practically get this stuff done at a 7-11; “Wednesday special, botox and a slurpee.”

Do these "Professionals" even KNOW how much business / clientele, regular and otherwise, they're LOSING because of rude front office people?

Update: Amy even went by there a few days ago in person, spoke to another front office person & requested she be called if the date could be moved up, in light of the fact Amy had gotten in "same morning" and Dr. Reinehardt had agreed previously to see me. THAT person was "summoned away," and when she returned simply took Amy's number. Again ... nothing. This place doesn't deserve to even be in business if they're RUDE to existing patients and RUDER to referred ones (me) who had CA$H in hand.

On a lighter note, most of you know I try to have a sense of humor about most things, so I'll leave you with a giggle. I need a "proper professional" to do this 5 minute procedure, because I DO NOT resemble George Clooney to BEGIN with. I can't take liberties :-) ... However, I'm about ready to say "What would Rambo do," and soak the thing with Anbesol, have a shot of tequila and take a scissors to it. "If you want it done right ...."

Have a good one, all. Thanks for reading xo